The international heading

To paint the portrait of lycée Eiffel

Dear Reader,

I shall not impose the tedious enumeration of everything we do on you. Simply know that the lycée Eiffel is characterized by science, technonology, law and economics departments. Every year, we welcome about 1,100/1,200 students: more than half of them will sit an S (sciences) or STI (sciences and technology) baccalaureat examination.

Allow me, however, to linger a little while on our manners and behaviour. To form a person is to accompany him/her all along his/her change in form, it is to give him/her the makings of a contemporary citizen; that is why our policy rests on a true system of values which rules the principles and the meaning of what we do.

First of all, we want to mix efficiency and excellence; excellence is the most accomplished stage of efficiency. For years, the results of Eiffel students in examinations and competitive examinations have been above regional and national average, as a consequence of the culture of hard work and skilled and experienced teachers. Our school is often high in the list of French schools published in newspapers and magazines. In sport, our “big-headed students” regularly come away with prestigious medals.

And yet, such success has nothing to do with a harsh selection of students: a true “social lift” brings our students to the top. We hold out a hand of brotherhood to everyone. Brotherhood governs most of our actions: extra teaching, solidarity funds, a third year of intensive study for students with BTS qualifications who want to prepare for the entry exams to the Grandes Ecoles, a Fair Trade cafeteria, blood collection campaigns, the fruitful partnership with parents’associations and the world of business, among a few. Continuing education with the GRETA courses is one more opportunity for those who need it.

Where brotherhood and modernity meet, you will find, ô Reader, the Interactive Class which enables young people in hospital to attend some of our classes thanks to videoconferencing. On the way to more modernity, we also provide access to digital resources in the school library, Wi-Fi access for the boarders, robots, a test bed, an automated process line, one digitally equipped and one science lecture theaters, a great school restaurant, Internet access to school results for parents, etc…

Let me finish this portrait, dear Reader, with a touch of equity to be found in the charter of staff meetings so that all students can get a fair and identical treatment in all of our classes. And, in conclusion, just like the poet Prévert, we will sign this article with two fundamental values, civility which guarantees everyone peace and protection and ecoresponsibility which leads us to respect future generations.